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Charleston, SC

West Elm Local

Hello West Elm Local! My name is Hillary King and I started pH reclaimed as a way to use lumber that would otherwise be in the landfill. Since my background is in historic preservation (I still work as a preservation consultant!), I was inspired to start my woodworking journey while watching dumpsters being filled with beautiful old lumber on renovation projects. Now I also use off-cuts from the lumber yard and wood from trees that have been cut down. I love creating new, useful objects from materials that were destined for the trash.


Cocktail Muddlers

pH reclaimed cocktail muddlers are individually turned on the lathe. Each muddler has one flat and one rounded end so that it can work on any shape of glassware. Sanded smooth and finished with several coats of mineral oil and beeswax, these muddlers are a pleasure to use and are the perfect addition to any bar.

The species of wood can vary depending on availability, but typically includes walnut, sapele, cherry, tulip poplar, dogwood, and white oak.



Like the cocktail muddlers, these ornaments are individually turned on the lathe. The shapes are inspired by traditional icicle and vintage glass ornaments. Many of the ornaments are turned in reclaimed Southern yellow pine that came out of historic buildings in downtown Charleston. Each ornament is tagged and labeled with the name of the street where the reclaimed lumber was found.